Spencer Natural Boater Hat




Keeping things classy since, well, since you discovered fashion. It’s no wonder you found the Spencer boater hat and made it yours instantly. Darling, please carry on showing us all dashing style. *Mu-ah!* Classic straw hat keeps you cool and stylish all summer long by featuring a natural straw structures brim, a black bow detail gross-grain ribbon, and natural straw. The brim of this hat measures 8cm/3.15″ Size & Fit: Styles fit true to size.  Small: 55cm Medium: 57cm  100% Natural Wheat Straw • Spot/Specialist Clean: If bent out of shape over time, simply steam and work with hands to re-store to original condition.  • Unlined • Imported

*Please note that color may vary from piece to piece due to the organic nature of the straw. 

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